1. Sad, Sad Goodbye

    Nearly daily
    your grace does cross my mind.
    A sea of concrete divides us
    and years and years of time.

    This love for you is fading
    but, the lust, it still remains.
    You left a mark upon my soul,
    a beautiful, ornate stain.

    Lovely little creature,
    you I can never deny
    Sweetest kiss upon these lips
    and then, a sad, sad, “Goodbye.”

    © Donovan Keyes

  2. Walking with You

    Deep, like an ocean,
    I’ve never known this girl before.
    So filled with emotion,
    leaving letters on love’s door.

    Such a bad position,
    such a bad spot,
    wanting to be free from prison
    wanting her is for not.

    Still, to try,
    to forever pursue,
    is worth the goodbye
    and new beginnings with you.

    © Donovan Keyes

    What a night.

  3. Foresaken, Alas

    Something still yet remains,
    beyond th’streets, routes, roads and lanes.
    I reach for her and she complains,
    I cannot listen as she explains.

    The story, I’ve heard; the spectrum, its range.
    Tell me again to see if its changed.
    Break it apart to see it arranged
    Tell me again love’s not estranged.

    Trust between two is broken.
    If only you’d listened to that I’ve spoken.
    If only you’d kept our promise, our token,
    I wouldn’t have been so rudely awoken.

    Blame myself, I may try,
    but forever I ask the reason why.
    Why so far and yet, so nigh?
    Why, “Forever,” turned into, “Goodbye.”

    Now I see, together at last,
    visions of future, but mostly the past.
    Together with him; forsaken, alas,
    perhaps you’ve found this love to last.

    © Donovan Keyes